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BRHSSF Mission 

Our Mission

We, as a foundation, support education, the arts, environmental science, and mentoring by offering scholarships to empower students to become responsible citizens, stewards, community leaders, and professional businessmen and women. We aim to provide students with opportunities to be recognized for their academic achievements and invest in their educational development. By doing so, we hope to create positive outcomes for their futures and that of their communities. 

Our Vision

In providing students with scholarships, our goal is to supplement the cost of furthering one's education and address the need for educational resources to under-served, under-sourced at-risk students in Marion County who are seeking post-secondary education to historically black colleges and universities, traditional colleges, and universities, tech schools, trade schools, and entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Believe there are no boundaries in the potential of young people

  • Respect for the creativity, perspectives, talents, and backgrounds of all individuals regardless of race, sex, religion, or gender identification

  • Passion for what we do, honesty, integrity, wholeheartedly and excellence to achieve our mission

  • Provide financial assistance to develop and improve at a higher level of education

  • Belief in the power of information, partnership and collaboration;

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