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About Us

In 2014, the class of 1974 was having their 40-year reunion some felt that the reunion committee did not reach out to the black alumni as they should, so in response, a group of us started putting together an African American class of 1974 reunion scheduled for the day after the all-class reunion at the Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club.


Thru the course of the day, we had 70 plus African American alumni from the classes of 1973 and 1974 attend our event. We raffled and donated throughout the day. We gave away 4 $25 winners. There was over $700 left, I personally donated that money to the hunting and fishing club youth organization ( OYEAH ) from there we decided to launch Rockets4life Alumni Association INC.

The Beginning Rockets4life.jpg

The originals are in the group picture except for one person, Ermmella Horton.  

The group: left to right, front to back, Antwan Avant, Daria Parham, Charlene Cheatem, Belinda Cooke, Ralph A. Cooke Sr., Ronald Horton,(not pictured Ermmella Horton), Anthony Hamiter Sr., Owen Cowherd Jr., Sabae Jones-Martin, John T. Finney Jr., Chester M. Brown Jr.

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